Can You Handle the Truth?

Here’s the deal.  Tattoos are meant to be forever.  Diamonds and love as well.  Diamonds can be crushed, just like hearts, and tattoos now fall into that category as well.  Laser tattoo removal works.  It doesn’t work for everybody but it works for just about everybody.  As long as mankind has tattooed themselves, they have been exploring tattoo removal practices.  There is no other affordable (safe) way to remove a tattoo without the use of a Q Switch laser.  So…the truth.  It takes awhile to completely remove a tattoo.  How long does it take?  Million dollar question.  I have removed a tattoo from a patient start to finish in approximately 16 weeks.  Please see the photo of the patient with the red tattoo on her right shoulder.  She was very fair skinned and the tattoo did not contain a significant amount of ink.  Another example of time vs. complete removal can be witnessed with the photo of the cow skull tattoo.  That patient started treatments one month before the patient with the red tattoo.  His bicep has two different colors of ink.  His treatment period for the cow skull was February through September.  The cow skull is gone.  I mean really gone.  You can see by the pictures that the barbed wire, which was done in dark green ink, has proven to be more resistant to the laser.  Can we get it gone?  Absolutely.  How much longer will it take?  No clue.  Any practice that tells you approximately how many sessions it will take to remove your tattoo is making an estimate.  As estimate people.  Purely an estimate.  Everybody that seeks laser treatments is just as unique as their tattoos.  The lifestyle of the patient and location of the tattoo are the most critical factors.  If you want your tattoo removed please come see me for an honest consultation.  I will be the first person to tell you that it is probably going to take awhile.  If you want it off immediately then sell whatever you need to sell and pay a plastic surgeon $10,000 or so and have them take a piece of skin off of your ass, cut out your tattoo and graft the skin where the tattoo used to be.  That will heal quickly and you will have a nice square piece of skin gone from your ass.  That’s the truth.  Can you handle it?

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