Does A Q Laser Remove Tattoos Better Than Other Lasers?


Q Laser


Many people are searching for the silver bullet which will dramatically scale back in the time it requires to get a tattoo as is usually true for cosmetic procedures. The technology in the tattoo removal business that folks are talking about is the coming of the Q-Laser. So Does the Q Laser remove tattoos better than other Lasers?

Extreme rate is necessary for laser light to go into your skin while ensuring the surrounding skin is shielded and interrupt tattoo ink particles.

At first blush you may believe a laser that fires light quicker has the capability to get rid of a tat better or more rapid, however there’s no long haul, prevalent clinical signs of the theory. Of the time of the site, no peer reviewed, as the truth is, independent studies are published that compare tat treatment where half the tat was treated having an apparatus that was nanosecond and half was treated having an apparatus that was picosecond.

However, you will find people who maintain the Q Laser Q laser (a picosecond laser) removes tattoos in a briefer time than other lasers. Our medical team reasoned that there isn’t any significant evidence and has studied this.

With over 240,000 treatments performed, we’re dedicated to making sure our practices feature the finest technology for tattoo removal. There’s a reason we never have bought a Q Laser laser for our practice. It’s just because there are no legitimate studies, using various skin types which have shown the Q laser removes tattoos quicker than other lasers, various ink colors as well as an important amount of patients.

The Q Laser can be an excellent apparatus to get rid of green ink pigment, but it’s not the single laser that removes green ink tats (other Alexandrite lasers can also be an excellent option for green ink tats along with Ruby lasers, in several cases). According to the mechanism of activity of the laser as well as our experience, we consider that this really is false.

Laser light enters the skin regardless of the speed and incredibly fast together with the usage of both these technologies, all tats require multiple treatments to be eliminated. Each year, new lasers do they make a quantifiable difference in treatment results and just sometimes enter the marketplace. The most essential aspect to take into account when considering laser tattoo removal alternatives is experience and the caliber of the clinical team, the customer service, whether there’s a guarantee, as well as the task being performed by the medical qualifications of the clinicians.

Sadly, there are a few practices that say they are able to remove a tattoo with or quicker fewer treatments than national averages or what continues to be mentioned in medical research. They may claim it is because they bought a laser apparatus that is specific. It is vital that you recognize these claims are unsubstantiated and are more likely a symptom of a person or an inexperienced supplier who’s simply attempting to create a deal.

The same as anything in life, expertise, specialty and supplying realistic expectations would be the most effective predictors of gratification in regards to assessing your tattoo removal supplier choices.