Should I Expect Blistering After Tattoo Removal?


Blistering From a TattooAny tattoo being treated by a q-switch laser has the probability of blistering.  It simply comes with the territory.  Blistering usually subsides or is not existent at all after a few treatments.   Sometimes we use an increased laser setting, which will be not dangerous, but might cause some measure of swelling or blistering. Once every so often, we see swelling or blistering as a measure of an effective treatment.

The good thing is the fact that although swelling and blistering after tattoo removal might not be pleasant, as long as proper care is followed, they often conclude without any negative effects.

If you’re concerned, phone our office at 7134921019 .

In the event the blisters pop, do not peel the skin off as that is your cover for the area. Work with a nonstick bandage to secure the blister before the place is treated, and apply a thick coating of aloe vera or Aquaphor.

In the event THE BLISTERS ARE TIGHT, LARGE or DEBILITATING: Contact us for directions on care for the place and how to correctly empty them.

We’re always available to answer your questions for those who have worries about anything.