Explanation on the Unink transaction

This is to set the record straight about Clean Canvas Laser’s acquisition of Unink Tattoo Removal’s client list and help everyone understand how all of this took place. In late January, I was contacted by a representative of Healthcap Partners located in Dallas. One of their ventures was tattoo removal in the Houston area, but decided that the business that was not a good fit for them.  They asked me to fulfill the remaining number of estimated treatments on pre-paid packages sold to people from Medermis Laser Clinic, which later became Unink Laser Tattoo Removal.   For example John Doe purchased a package of 12 treatments in July of 2013 and had only received 4.  I have agreed to perform the remaining 8 treatments for John Doe at no charge.  I did not pay Healthcap any money to complete these estimated number of treatments and more importantly they did not pay me anything to complete the estimated number of treatments for these patients.  Why did I do that?  They turned over their patient files to me and I have been personally reaching out to every single patient that was treated by Unink/Medermis to find out where they are in the process, what their experience was with that practice, and if they still have a tattoo that is not completely removed to come in for a consultation and treatment.  That is why I agreed to take on over $60,000 worth of services that I will not be paid for. I have also given these patients that are affected by this a significant discount from my normal pricing.  There is also very specific language in the agreement made between Clean Canvas Laser and Unink that Clean Canvas Laser is not responsible for any treatments above and beyond the estimated number of treatments that a patient paid for.  In simple terms patients paid for a package of a certain number of treatments and the vast majority of the patients that went that route received the number of treatments that they paid for.  They gave me a list of exactly 104 people who had pre-paid for a package of treatments that were estimated to completely remove the tattoos that were being treated.  Please refer to the post in my blog titled “Can you handle the truth” regarding realistic expectations as far as laser tattoo removal is concerned.  Anyone that is taking the time to read this blog is more than likely a person that dealt with someone at Unink or Medermis that promised you that without a doubt your tattoo could be removed in the estimated number of sessions they quoted and if your tattoo was not removed in the number of treatments they estimated then they would give you unlimited treatments until your tattoo was completely removed.  As there are many variables in laser tattoo removal it is not my practice to estimate a set number of treatments that a patient will need as every tattoo is just as unique as the person wearing it.  I consult with my patients on realistic expectations and also utilize what I believe to be the most effective Q Switch Laser technology available today.  We use a scoring system to decide if there are realistic expectations for complete removal but it is in no way shape or form a way to estimate an exact number of treatments.  As a consumer, a business owner, and someone just like most of you that is TATTOOED AND LASERED, I would not do business with a practice that tells you they can accurately estimate the number of treatments it will take to remove your tattoo.  I also would NEVER purchase a package of treatments from a Laser Tattoo Removal practice for the exact same reason that I am taking the time to address this.  My business is very adequately capitalized and I am in it for the long haul.  I enjoy it and I own and operate it myself.  Having said that, the reasons that I would not purchase a package of treatments are as follows:

1.  What if the next practice you purchase a package of treatments from goes out of business/bankrupt?

2.  What if your life takes you in a different direction and it is geographically impossible for you to continue treatments with that particular practice?

3. What if the Laser Technician that is treating you is uneducated to the process and you are not seeing results?

4.  What if the practice that you purchased a package from does not have the correct wavelengths and technical know how to effectively remove your tattoo?

5.  What happens when the crystallized ink causes an allergic reaction that forces you to to have to cease treatment?

6. Most importantly, what if after years of treatment from one particular practice, or even multiple practices, your tattoo is still visible or you have experienced damage to your skin that is irreversible?

To properly remove a tattoo completely requires commitment and patience. Treatments should be spaced six to twelve weeks apart. So put yourself in your own shoes and look at where some of you are after three years of treatments.  The only thing I can do that is honest and professional is show you pictures of complete removal that we have done AT OUR PRACTICE with very specific records as far as how many treatments it took and how much the patient spent over that time period. I can understand that some people are upset with Medermis/Unink, but please know that I am only trying to help those affected by their closing.

If anyone that is reading this is having a similar problem please contact me directly at 7134921019 and I will do my best to help you in any way that I can.

John Hollis

2 thoughts on “Explanation on the Unink transaction

  1. I was one of the 104 patients that bought a package from Unink and had only one treatment before they closed. My initial thought was that was an expensive lesson! Then came a letter that Clean Canvas was willing to fulfill the package. I called immediately to schedule an appointment! Let me tell you, John is a true professional! My first treatment at Unink really didn’t have much affect on my skin with some slight lightening. My first treatment at Clean Canvas was totally different! The difference between the equipment is night and day!!

    Thanks for taking us on Clean Canvas!! Faith in humanity restored!!

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