My Friend’s Tattoo Is Fading Faster Than Mine


tattoo removal worth it?There are a lot of aspects associated with identifying how quickly a tattoo can be eliminated. Even if you and your friend go to the same tattoo removal clinic with the exact same specific colors on the exact same specific body part on the exact same precise day by the exact same specific artist; possibilities are your tattoos would react in a different way to laser treatment. Positioning, colors, ink, artists’ design, and age of the tattoo are just a few of the aspects associated with identifying how quickly a tattoo can be remvoved.

Other elements are particular to each person. The body immune system plays a BIG role in the removal process. A healthy immune system can cause faster removal whereas a weak body immune system can make the process take longer. The depth of the ink in the skin is another significant consideration in the removal process. The deeper the ink, the more treatments will be needed to remove the ink.

Do you smoke or consume alcohol? What about your buddy? Consuming alcohol or smoking can lessen the impacts of laser tattoo removal by restricting the body immune system response. If you smoke and drink more than your friend that will slow your process down.

Do you follow all aftercare treatments? It is essential to follow all aftercare treatments to obtain the very best outcome. Keeping the location clean, dry, and covered for the very first couple of days after treatment assists to avoid any undesirable aftereffects. If the location ends up being contaminated, the body’s immune system now needs to combat the infection and not simply eliminate the shattered ink. This can considerably minimize the speed of ink removal. Consuming great deals of fluids, specifically water speeds the procedure by requiring the body to eliminate contaminants.

As you can see there are numerous internal and external aspects to think about when going through laser treatment. No two tattoos , no matter just how much alike, are identical. No two individuals are equal either. For that reason no two tattoos will react to laser tattoo removal in precisely the very same way. Do not be concerned if your tattoo is taking longer to fade than your buddy’s. Your body will work at it’s own pace to remove the tattoo.