What is Laser Tattoo Removal?


tattoo removal in HoustonTattoos are symbols of self-expression, works of art ingrained on skin that usually tells stories about the person who wears them. Some are done to inspire fear and awe, while others are worn with pride and honor. However, for whatever reason, people eventually reach a point in their lives where they would want to have these intricately designed markings removed.

The quickest, safest, and most painless way is thru Laser Tattoo Removal. Recent developments in science and laser technology have greatly reduced the side effects of a laser tattoo removal procedure.

How does laser tattoo removal in Houston work?

The procedure involves high, intense light entering and breaking down the tattoo ink’s color pigment, which in turn is flushed out by the body. The darker the tattoo color pigment, the easier the laser can remove it. Surprisingly, lighter color pigments like yellows, greens and luminous colors tend to be more challenging and require a different set of lasers and additional sessions for the tattoo to be completely removed.

Depending on the size of the design, the quality of the inks used and how deep they are imbedded in the skin will determine how long or how many laser tattoo removal sessions one must go through to have the tattoo completely removed. The standard number of sessions for removing tattoos is 4-6 sessions, but it could go for as long as 10 sessions depending on certain factors like: the age of the tattoo, the size of it and how well it was made. Other factors like the skin of the person, how good the tattoo artist was and the depth the ink has penetrated will also affect a laser tattoo removal operation. Keep in mind also that not all lasers are the same. Some could be better than others.

At Clean Canvas Laser, we strive to offer the best tattoo removal experience in Houston.