During Laser Treatment An Answer To If You See “Stars”


stars and laser treatmentLots of clients state that throughout laser treatments on the face, they can see red flashes of light in spite of using tight fitting, lead-lined eye-shields, and most of the times likewise having their eyes closed.Rest guaranteed that as long as the eye-shields are sung over your eyes, there is no danger to your eyes.

“Seeing” these flashes of light might be associated with a phenomenon called synesthesia where in essence 2 senses end up being connected. In this case hearing the snap of the laser or feeling the “pop” of the response in the skin, activates a visual response too. There are numerous kinds of synesthesia. Some are more usual than others. “Seeing” noise or pressure appears to be among the more typical kinds. Have you ever been depending on bed almost asleep, eyes securely shut, and unexpectedly there is a loud crash. You see a bright flash of light, however no lights are on or have been on? Or have you ever rubbed your eyes in a dark space and seen white or red areas where you are using pressure? These are other examples of synesthesia.

Though this is a rather typical incident, it is essential to let the laser professional understand that you are seeing light so that they can make sure that your eye-shields are positioned correctly. If all checks out, treatment can resume despite the fact that you could remain to “see” flashes of light as the laser pulses.