Can Your Tattoo Get Darker After A Laser Treatment?


tattoo darker after treatment?It is possible for a tattoo to appear darker after laser treatment. One factor for this is that as soon as ink has actually been separated by the laser, the body immune system is complimentary to move the smaller sized bits around in the skin. The body immune system can flush the ink away inside or press it out externally. Pressing ink out externally permits the ink to appear darker sometimes.

If you have light colors in your tattoo that might consist of traces of white ink, it is possible to see these lighter colors alter to a darker shade. This occurs as the white ink oxidizes and turns a grayish color. Have no worry. The brand-new color will certainly be treatable. It simply usually needs a mix of wavelengths to entirely eliminate the now darker color.

As constantly if you have concerns or issues about the development of your treatments, do not hesitate to call us. We’re delighted to respond to any concerns you could have.

Oxidized flesh toned tattoo: This was a mix of lots of light colors planned to develop a flesh-toned whitewash. It is rather tough to imitate a flesh-tone and oftentimes they simply do not end up right. After laser treatments, the colors have actually oxidized. Notification that while the colors appear darker, the density is much less. After 3 treatments, we are starting to see real flesh color under the oxidized inks, particularly in the center of the tattoo.