How Long Between Tattoo Removal Treatments?

Time Between Tattoo Removal Sessions

The appropriate wait times between laser tattoo removal treatments differ based upon the patient being treated and the location of the tattoo. The normal wait time falls between 4 and 8 weeks. This time frame is to allow the body’s immune system adequate time to flush the shattered ink.

Numerous aspects are considered for an effective laser tattoo removal treatment.  The laser treatment itself shatters the ink below the skin changing it from a liquid into a tiny crystal. Throughout the time between treatments, the body’s immune system flushes away those bits, getting rid of the tattoo.

The body never ever stops flushing away the tattoo ink as well as doings this naturally with time. Nevertheless, the smashing of ink bits throughout laser tattoo removal motivates and accelerates the flushing mechanism.

Preferably, the 4 to 8 weeks waiting time in between treatments will certainly enable full recovery. Most patients are completely healed within a few days but the weeks between treatment is critical to allow the immune system to go to work.

With correct tattoo removal aftercare and a non-sensitive skin type, waiting time in between treatments might be lessened. If scabs, marks, infection, sunburn, or coloring concerns exist, the laser treatment must be held off up until the area is completely healed.

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