Some Common Myths About Laser Tattoo Removal

Myths on Tattoo Removal Something that was when believed to be a long-term mark on the body can now be erased with the assistance of a specialized Q Switch laser. With sophisticated innovation, we now have the ability to eliminate undesirable tattoos and leave individuals with a fresh start.


Although there are many techniques utilized to get rid of tattoos, laser tattoo removal is thought about the most safe and effective removal treatment readily available. The laser works by sending pulses of energy to the tattoo, which shatters the ink into tiny fragments. The body’s immune system will  then respond to the laser treatment that will certainly flush away ink over the course of a few weeks.


Although lasers are the most efficient approach of getting rid of tattoos, numerous mistaken beliefs exist about the treatment. Here are some examples of laser tattoo removal misconceptions:


  • “Tattoo removal creams work simply as well as laser tattoo removal” This is certainly not the case. There has actually been no substantial proof show that these creams  work to eliminate ink from tattoos. In many cases, these creams simply utilize bleach or other abrasive chemicals to mask the tattoo rather of really eliminating any of the ink bits. When tattoo ink has actually settled into much deeper layer of the skin (the dermis), then creams would not have the ability to reach into that deep layer to target the ink.


  • “Laser tattoo removal typically triggers scarring.”    There is a very little danger of scarring that is related to these treatments. Marking can occur however is unusual, and the threat is extremely low if correct method is followed. Licensed laser professionals will certainly make use of an advised quantity of energy to guarantee that scarring does not take place. We likewise advise a minimum of 4 to 8 weeks between each treatment to guarantee appropriate flushing of ink and to ensure that scarring does not take place from too much energy and inadequate recovery time for the treated area.


  • “A laser hair device will certainly work at eliminating my tattoo.” Never! Hair removal lasers typically do utilize a few of the very same wavelengths as some tattoo removal lasers, however the period of the pulse is A LOT LONGER. The pulse from a hair removal laser means 1 million times longer than that of a tattoo removal laser. Due to the distinction in pulse width, hair removal lasers are entirely improper to utilize for getting rid of tattoos. It will certainly direct a pulse of energy that lasts for much too long, triggering thermal injury and will most definitely scar the skin.


  • “New tattoos can not be eliminated.” Tattoos do not have to be old and faded to be removed. We can deal with fresh tattoos as long as the skin is entirely recovered and there are no scabs. It is in fact useful to deal with brand-new tattoos due to the fact that there will certainly still be ink settled in the leading layer of the skin, which is simpler to deal with. Recovery time will certainly differ, however many people will certainly require a minimum of 4 weeks of recovery time prior to starting a laser tattoo removal treatment session.


  • “Tattoos will certainly come off with simply one laser treatment” Not the case! Some business make guarantees of this extremely inaccurate claim, however it is not sensible. No clinic in the world has the innovation to totally shatter all the ink within an expert tattoo in simply one treatment. There are numerous aspects that affect the number of treatment sessions somebody will certainly have to totally get rid of his/her tattoo and can consist of the following: type of ink utilized in tattooing, quantity of ink in the tattoo, depth of ink in the skin, mark tissue present in the tattooed skin, part of the body tattooed, if the ink is homemade or expert, condition of the body immune system, blood circulation in the treated location, skin type, age of tattoo, age of client, and so on. There is simply no chance to forecast the number of treatment sessions it will certainly require to entirely get rid of a tattoo, however we generally discover that it can vary from 5-15 treatments and in some cases even more. It is a procedure that requires commitment and  dedication, however we certainly have the innovation to entirely get rid of most tattoos that we treat.


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