Pictures After A Number Of Tattoo Removal Treatments


Understandably, our patients are excited about seeing effects and in an important difference will be seen by them.

Truth be told, you’ll find a litany of variables that bring about the effects a patient will find after their very first tattoo removal treatment.

But because we’ve performed thousands of procedures once we have seen your tattoo in person, we will have a fairly good idea of the way that it’s going to react to the laser. Normally, any shading you’ve got will be very first to go, and if your tattoo is black (or has black), you will usually find that which we qualify as a striking variance following your first treatment. More treatments are required by tattoos with color, particularly lively colours, but patients however see a difference (although not as dramatic). We advocate shooting a picture of your tattoo before all following treatments and before your first treatment, in order to measure your progress. Many patients forget what their tattoo looked like before treatment was began by then and wish they’d shot a photo.  It is standard practice for us to keep very close photographic records of your progress.

Speaking of pictures, this is an assortment of before and following pictures showing a few of our patients’ tattoos before and following their very first treatment. The before pictures were shot before their very first treatment.

It is crucial to understand that simply because your tattoo is not dissimilar to one of these below, that does not mean it will react identically. Your tattoo is exceptional and your skin tone might differ, but we expect this will definitely provide some thought about what things to anticipate from your first tattoo removal treatment to you. In minimum, it will get you excited about what is ahead as you embark in the journey!