Does Scarring Occur After Laser Tattoo Removals?


scarring occur after laser tattoo removalAnytime there is physical injury to the skin, there is a capacity for scarring, nevertheless, with the ideal laser the threat of scarring is exceptionally very little. Some lasers are extremely efficient in getting rid of ink from the skin, however are not developed to do so. Using a laser for tattoo removal that was not created for that job is a really high-risk step. Hair removal lasers, IPL, and CO2 treatments can trigger significant scarring if made use of to deal with tattoos. In addition, incorrectly adjusted tattoo removal lasers can have an unfavorable impact on the skin too which might cause scarring.

There is likewise an increased danger of scarring when you have a high history of irregular scarring (believe keloids), or you are a “bad client,” like among our laser professionals, and select at your scabs. Following correct aftercare methods; such as staying the location clean, dry, and paid for the very first couple of days; altering the plaster routinely; and enabling the tattoo sufficient time to recover in between treatments, can lower the currently restricted danger of scarring from laser tattoo removal treatments.

For a breakdown of correct aftercare treatments, click on this link … When there is pre-existing mark tissue in the tattoo, be it from the tattoo procedure itself or some other injury, it is most likely that the mark tissue will certainly show up after the tattoo has actually been gotten rid of. The image below programs a tattoo that was dealt with prior to concerning Clean Canvas Laser. There is considerable mark tissue present in the “in the past” picture (leading left) more than likely from a laser not developed for tattoo removal or from a poorly adjusted laser. We had the ability to remain to lighten the ink with our Quanta Q Laser, nevertheless the pre-existing mark tissue continued to be essentially the same.

Mark tissue development

As constantly, do not be reluctant to speak with our laser professionals if you have any concerns or issues. It is our objective that you are not just delighted with your treatments, however are positive in the care you are getting which your tattoo is advancing appropriately.