How Effective is Tattoo Removal On Dark Skin?

We often hear the inquiry, “How effective is tattoo removal on dark skin?” The solution is, it depends. Skin tone is an important element in measuring the success. The color of your skin can make you an unlikely candidate or an excellent candidate.


Skin type I, II, and III patients in many cases are the most effective candidates. It is simply because they have been the least prone to have skin color changes and for that reason could be treated more aggressively.

Dark skin and tattoo removal

Conversely, patients like darker skin type IV, V, and VI patients are a lot more prone to have skin discoloration, also know as hypopigmentation. In this instance, added attention is taken, which could lengthen the time tattoo removal needs.


The good thing is the fact that hyperpigmentation, can normalize over time and although frustrating, is not permanent in most cases.


Lightening of the conventional skin color appears in darker skin types and is related to the removal of ink that is deeper and much more dense along with colored ink, and will be exacerbated by improper aftercare by the individual.


All patients considering laser tattoo removal should be aware that there is a chance of skin discoloration and most patients are going to have some type of temporary discoloration aside from skin type, but the good thing is the fact that, over time it returns to normal in many situations.


For those who have darker skin, the perfect way to learn if you’re an excellent candidate for laser tattoo removal would be to reserve a complimentary consultation with a skilled clinician at Clean Canvas Laser.


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