Topic of Conversation: Tattoos & Copyrights


A large range of art is covered under copyright laws so it need to come as not a surprise that tattoo artists are looking for acknowledgment for using their art work in numerous media.

copyrights and tattoosTattoos are making their method into computer game, ad, even sketch parodies as part of a celeb’s or athlete’s identity; and why not? The ink is simply as much a part of them as their hair color. Some artists, nevertheless, disagree. In a lot of cases the artwork is an initial design that took the artist hours to develop prior to it was ever used to the skin. They are desiring acknowledgment for their imaginative efforts and who could criticize them? The concern is who has the rights to the tattoo once it leaves the door of the tattoo store? Does the artist get the last word in where and how the tattoo is shown? Does the tattooed individual get to do as he works with the ink? Or do the rights fall someplace between?

There are been a number of artists just recently who have actually submitted match versus computer game makers, the NFL gamers union, as well as a huge name film business, however so far none of these suits have actually made it to court. All have actually been settled out or dismissed. That does not eliminate that some lines have to be drawn to secure both the tattooed and the tattooer.

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Exactly what do you believe? Should a tattoo be safeguarded under copyright laws? Just how much “rights” protect the tattooed? Does the artist get to protect any rights to his/her special art work? We ‘d enjoy to hear your viewpoint. Share with us on Facebook or Twitter.