Kirby Desai Scale Helps Estimate Tattoo Removal Sessions

Desai FactorHow much is it?  How many sessions will it take?  Far and away the two most common questions asked by my patients.  Many practices are adopting the Kirby Desai scale as a way to estimate the number of sessions it should take to completely remove a tattoo.  It is a points based system that gives people an idea of what to expect.  The scale is not a rule of how many sessions it will take.  The scale is a way to SCORE the difficulty in removing a tattoo.  The minimum score is 4 and the maximum score is 26.  If your score falls into the 4-20 range there should be realistic expectations for complete removal.  When the score rises above 20 you may want to give serious consideration to what a realistic expectation is regarding removal.  There are additional factors that are not taken into consideration when applying the Kirby Desai Scale that are not mentioned.  Those additional factors are:  whether or not  you smoke,  age of the patient, any circulatory disorders, are you overweight and do not participate in any physical activities, and your daily water intake.  I have done consultations with patients where at the end of the scoring we concluded that attempting to utilize laser treatments to remove an unwanted tattoo are totally unrealistic.

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