People Change, Tattoo's Do Not

Offering Permanent Tattoo and Cosmetic Make-up Removal in a Professional Medical Grade Environment


Clean Canvas Laser is the premier affordable laser tattoo removal practice in Houston, Texas. We offer permanent tattoo and cosmetic make-up removal in a professional medical grade environment using the Quanta Q Plus C laser system with great success.

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Established in 2012, Clean Canvas Laser is the premier laser tattoo removal practice in the Southern United States. We offer permanent tattoo and cosmetic make-up removal with no burning and no scarring in a professional medical grade environment using the Quanta Q plus C with great success.

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Clean Canvas Laser Tattoo Removal is conveniently located in the heart of the energy corridor in West Houston at 10780 Westview Dr. Suite F

Houston, Texas 77043. We are 20 minutes from Bush Intercontinental Airport and 35 minutes from William P Hobby Airport.

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As long as we have been doing this, the industry is constantly claiming to have invented a new technology that will remove tattoos faster and in shorter time frames. This is totally false. The way a laser removes a tattoo is by breaking it down into particles that can then be eaten by the immune system. The ONLY WAY TO REMOVE A TATTOO FASTER THAN NORMAL IS THROUGH BOOSTING THE HUMAN IMMUNE SYSTEM. Machines don’t do that. We use the Quanta Q Plus C system that continues to outperform any existing laser on the market. Our before and after photos (we did every single one of them) are work that was performed here in our clinic.


Most Frequently Asked Questions from Tattoo Removal Patients

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Some patients say they feel a slight sting, like the snap of a rubber band on the skin or the same feeling as getting a tattoo, but in a fraction of the time. At Clean Canvas Laser, we utilize a medical-grade chiller, which operates at about 18 degrees centigrade focused on the area being treated, along with a contact chiller cooled to 33 degrees that no other provider in Houston offers.

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This is another very important thing to consider when you are choosing a provider. Some amateur/street/jailhouse tattoos can be removed in as few as one session, depending on the ink. High-quality professional tattoos can take anywhere from 1 year to 7 years to completely remove. That's a long time. Another important thing to consider is that some tattoo pigments cant be removed. Period. Inks that contain unusually high amounts of heavy metals will never be removed. Ever. It can be any color, including black. We advise avoiding any provider that tries to sell you guaranteed tattoo removal and offers to finance it for you. TOTAL SCAM

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We feel like the choice is obvious, but hey, that's us. You should choose us because we are good at it. We are REALLY good at it, and our photos (all of which are ours) prove that. We are going to educate you fully on the process and help you make a decision that is safe and makes sense. We have plenty of consultations where we advise the clients to do something else besides laser. We are also very affordable and do our best to help charitable cases when we are able to do so.


If someone dislikes a tattoo enough to take on the challenge of tattoo removal, then it absolutely has to be done right. You may be able to see some remaining ink in each of the photos below. The majority of the photos were taken prior to the client's last session

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Before and after hand with tattoo and without tattoo on neck
Before and after hand with tattoo and without tattoo on arm
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It's funny how many clinics claim to be the Best of Houston. We are the only clinic that has actually won Best of Houston


Laser tattoo removal allows patients to regain control over their skin’s appearance.


  • Relax. We have been doing this since 2012. We have found that nothing takes the place of hands-on clinical experience. When we first opened, our goal was to be an industry leader. Almost a decade later, we have emerged as THE INDUSTRY LEADER.
  • Inks that contain unusually high amounts of heavy metals will never be removed. It can be any color. If you take the time to read our reviews, most of them talk about how we actually removed their tattoo.
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  • Not that they just left our consultation and that they are so happy they just paid thousands of hard-earned dollars to take on something that takes YEARS TO DELIVER. Please contact our clinic at (713) 492-1019 or for a full education on tattoo removal, and please check us out on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Time and time again, we see clinics selling guaranteed tattoo removal. Do your homework. The vast majority of clinics that have sold the promise of guaranteed tattoo removal or “unlimited sessions” close their doors unexpectedly because they can't deliver what they sold.