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best-tattoo-removalHow do you know who has the best tattoo removal services? First, we recommend you ask around with friends and family. Who has had tattoo removal? What kind was it: laser, surgical, etc? How much did it cost? Were they happy with the results?

However, not everyone has enough friends and families who have removed tattoos to get a clear picture. One of the best ways to judge the best tattoo removal for you is to read reviews of those who have ink similar to yours. And it isn’t enough to just read the positive reviews. Have a look at the negative ones as well to see if they have merit, along with any issues you may face when proceeding.

As such, below we have gathered ALL of our reviews: good and bad. Read below to see if we are good fit for you. You can also click on each review page to see more.




January, 2023

John is AMAZING!
He was the most informative and he truly cares for his craft. He took an extra 30 minutes out of his day to just explain the process of laser removal and to educate me with the ins and outs.
I went to two places prior and they both quoted me an insane amount of sessions without even seeing me in person or doing a test spot. John did a test spot because I have red ink and there are many things that come into play when it comes to red. He wouldn’t start a session without seeing what would happen with the test spot and that was eye opening. The two other businesses I went to, wanted to immediately start and made me feel pressured to spend $1200 up front for 8-12 sessions. When I asked to see before and after photos, she said removery employees don’t take their own photos??? BIG RED FLAG

WELL YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE BUT my tattoo is almost completely GONE after one session. This doesn’t happen often he said, but I got extremely lucky. NEVER trust scam artists like Removery. Clean Canvas Laser is the only place I’d go!!!!!!❤️ Shawn is also an absolute angel!!!! You guys rock!

The first photo is my test spot, Second is 5 days after my first session!!!

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Best Tattoo Removal in Housotn
We know that you are a unique individual with unique ink and makeup. Because of this, we can help answer all of your questions on the procedure. Feel free to contact us with your questions or to schedule your initial visit.