Some patients say they feel a slight sting, like the snap of a rubber band on the skin or the same feeling as getting a tattoo, but in a fraction of the time. At Clean Canvas Laser tattoo removal clinic, we utilize a medical-grade chiller, which operates at about 18 degrees centigrade focused on the area being treated, along with a contact chiller cooled to 33 degrees that no other provider in Houston offers.

Pricing is offered per session and is based on the size and the number of tattoos being treated.

The number of treatments needed will depend on quite a few different factors. Whether it is complete removal or lightening for new art, these are the things to consider:

The depth and the quality of the ink. High-quality professional pigments are the hardest to remove compared to amateur/street/jailhouse tattoos.

The location on the body. Tattoos on the head and neck area are much easier to remove than tattoos below the elbow and below the knees.

The lifestyle of the client. This is a big one. Clients that don’t smoke, drink a ton of water, exercise, and sauna or steam regularly will have far superior results than those with opposite lifestyles.

Treatments in year one once every two months (8 weeks)
Treatments in year two once every three months (12 weeks)
Treatments in years three and beyond once every 4-6 months.
This is really important. If you are being treated at intervals of 3-6 weeks, you should cease immediately.

This is another very important thing to consider when you are choosing a provider. Some amateur/street/jailhouse tattoos can be removed in as few as one session, depending on the ink. High-quality professional tattoos can take anywhere from 1 year to 7 years to completely remove. That’s a long time. Another important thing to consider is that some tattoo pigments cant be removed. Period. Inks that contain unusually high amounts of heavy metals will never be removed. Ever. It can be any color, including black. We advise avoiding any provider that tries to sell you guaranteed tattoo removal and offers to finance it for you. TOTAL SCAM

But how many sessions will it take?

No matter how hard we try to educate, it always comes back around. Go to Google. Type in “what is tattoo ink made of”. You will thank me later.

We feel like the choice is obvious, but hey, that’s us. You should choose us because we are good at it. We are REALLY good at it, and our photos (all of which are ours) prove that. We are going to educate you fully on the process and help you make a decision that is safe and makes sense. We have plenty of consultations where we advise the clients to do something else besides laser. We are also very affordable and do our best to help charitable cases when we are able to do so.

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