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Laser Tattoo Removal Technology

First of all, you should know that not all laser tattoo removal tech is created equal. Different types of medical equipment perform different functions, and many “fly by night” operations know this. They are likely to purchase the cheapest piece of equipment in order to sell sub-standard services at allegedly discounted prices. However, you should keep in mind that the more sessions you need, the more your tattoo removal costs could add up.
Quanta Q Plus vs. Picosure Laser

Two of the most popular and most spoken of laser tattoo removal machines are the Picosure laser and the Quanta Q Plus. However, most people don’t know the difference. First you should know: 1. The Picosure Laser and it’s cousin, the Picoway Laser, are made by Cynosure. The Quanta Q Plus is made by MedShare. Essentially, both lasers work by targeting tattoo ink pigments with wavelengths. They then break down the ink until it is small enough to be absorbed by the body. These particles are then disposed of by your immune system.

The Difference

One of the main differences between the two pieces of equipment is the speed of the laser. The Quanta Q Plus C fires its laser quickly enough to be measured in nanoseconds. It uses thermal energy to break up the tattoo ink. Some patients report a slight sting, similar to a rubber band snap.

The Picosure Laser uses a laser that fires faster than the Quanta. It uses pressure waves to break down ink, as opposed to thermal energy.

What You Should Know

All operators of laser tattoo removal equipment must be expertly trained. For example, using equipment with a faster laser can cause unnecessary damage to the skin. Your tattoo removal provider should be staffed by qualified personnel who can tell you how many tattoos similar to yours they have removed with this particular piece of equipment. They can also give you an approximate estimate of how long each session took and how many sessions.

Although the Picosure and Picoway laser do have a faster laser, there are no studies that show sessions last for less time, or that fewer sessions are needed.

Quanta Q Plus vs. Picosure Laser
The Quanta Q Plus C

At the end of the day we decided there was no comparison – the Quanta Q-Plus C (vs. the Picosure Laser) was the clear choice – Source: Tom Miller, ATL-Aesthetics,LLC

Our Choice: The Quanta Q Plus

One of the best reasons to choose the Quanta is for tattoos of multiple colors. The Pico line of lasers uses one wavelength that works on black ink. However, the Quanta Q Plus C uses three wavelengths that can directly target a large ink color spectrum. This also useful for black tattoos that have faded into other colors. The piece of equipment can also be used to treat other skin conditions from hair removal to acne.

Other benefits include even distribution of the laser without making any “hot points.” Additionally, many patients see shorter healing times and fewer side effects. This and many other reasons are why the Quanta has been our choice for years.

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