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I have been doing this for a long time.  Clean Canvas Laser wasn’t voted Best of Houston 2014 if we really weren’t the best.  Upon arrival you will be greeted and made to feel comfortable.

We will completely evaluate your tattoo and discuss treatment options and set forth realistic expectations.  Every tattoo is just as unique as the person wearing it.  Like fingerprints and snowflakes.

Its lightning fast.  Please look at the videos on this page and see how quickly a treatment can be performed. Most take less than one minute.

We have removed some tattoos in as few as one treatment and some are taking much longer depending on the location of the tattoo, the depth and quality of the ink, and the general health habits of the individual.

The Process

How it Works

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How Does It Work?

Every drop of ink in your tattoo is like a big giant boulder as far as your immune system is concerned.  It doesn’t want it there but it cant do anything about it.Using pulses of light emitted by our Gold Standard Quanta Q plus C, we will shatter the ink into tiny crystals that are then taken away by the body’s  natural cleansing system.  There is no burning and there is no scarring.

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Does it Hurt?  Duele?

How did it feel when you got tattooed?  I ask every patient that question as soon as they ask me if it hurts.  The answers were all very different.  More than 75% of my patients say it feels the same as getting a tattoo and 1000 times faster.  Numbing creams are available but my clinical experience shows that our technique is far superior to any numbing agents.  In fact, injections actually reduce the effectiveness of laser tattoo removal.  Our Zimmer Cryo 6 chiller is more than enough to make it as pleasant as we can.


Is it affordable?

Consultations and test spots are free.  We will spend as much time as we can to properly evaluate your tattoo and do our best to manage expectations.  The reason we have such a large and loyal following is because we are affordable and we tell people the truth.  Consider this, if a clinic tells you how many treatments you will need they aren’t being truthful with you.  If you don’t know what kind of ink is in your tattoo then how do they know?

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