Award-winning Laser Tattoo Removal Service in Houston, Texas

As an award-winning Laser Tattoo Removal Service in Houston, Texas, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the success of our achievements which are evidenced in the feedback from all of our patients. Located in West Houston, we are near the airports and access routes to ensure our patients find us easily.

Using the advanced Quanta Q Plus C Laser System, our world-class services are often mentioned when leading companies and methodology are discussed. We have no hesitation when we say that our knowledge and expertise set us apart from others. To ensure that all of our patients benefit from their association with us, we always have proper consultations to establish what their expectations are, and we offer them the best advice prior to any processes being carried out. We do this to ensure that they make informed decisions about the best possible outcome.

Known as a top-notch Laser Tattoo Removal Service in Houston, we at Clean Canvas Laser have always based our services on a combination of professionalism, experience, the use of the best laser technology, and the individual attention we pay everyone that walks through our doors. Mentioned for qualities such as being attentive, caring, and knowledgeable, we promise every patient the best chance at success with regard to having a permanent tattoo and cosmetic make-up removed with almost no inconvenience and unpleasant sensations to patients’ skin here at our upscale premises in West Houston.

Regarded as an industry leader, we have built our profile on high ethics, never promising anyone the impossible, as well as on our self-belief and the confidence we exhibit when we advertise ourselves as the top Laser Tattoo Removal Service in Houston. Our services have been sought after for many years, and we appreciate all the referrals we receive so regularly from satisfied clients.

Our prices are competitive and affordable, and we promise every valued patient only our best attention, with the success of their tattoo removal our top priority.

For your consultation with us, please call (713) 492-1019 or email us at [email protected]


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